xpert banking furniture

Heat Management

Natural Induction

XBF's range of dealing desks is designed to include a natural air flow through the frame. Fans can be added to enhance heat extraction. The ambient air is drawn down through ventilated doors by CPU fans. Air exhausted by CPU's is stopped by a non-ventilated door on a back to back configuration, and will be exhausted through the chimney.

Forced cooling

The XBF 'ICool' enclosure is a modular fan coiled system mounted on the spine of the desk where it delivers chilled air to PC's inside the technical trench guaranteeing optimum PC's running temperatures. Warm air from the PC can be re-chilled or it can be exhausted to room place. Temperature gauges sense variations in the desk and will adjust fan speed and flow rate as required. Thermal shields are added to the doors for maximum comfort.

Air flow
Ventilation grill
Ventilated door