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In-Desk Technology

To meet increasing demand on energy savings and to reduce corporate footprint, the XBF Eco Modules are designed to limit energy waste for your trading floor.

The Eco Module XBF001TP is highly efficient and smart. Sensors automatically detect and cut power when a trader leaves his/her desk, restoring power back immediately on return to work. The Eco Module's power saving formula is essential on a trading floor as it will reduce your energy consumption and will save on air conditioning costs and other services. Return on Investment is typically achieved within the first year.


A smart desktop connectivity solution for the modern trading floor that will provide applicator outlets at desktop level to enhance user access and speed up IT installations. The XBF001C is an elegant module combining PC connectivity and data outlets in one stylish aluminium housing. This module can be designed to clients' specific requirments and provided with a cable management system to neatly route and protect cables in the dealing desk.

Personal Power
Connectivity Unit
Cable Management